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Marvel News


Once again, movie dates have shifted due to ongoing COVID complications. Deadline reported that Sony has moved the third Spider-Man movie to December 17, 2021. For a reminder of all the data changes. Here’s a graphic from MCU Direct:

Murphy’s Multiverse reported that Ms. Marvel is currently supposed to start filming in Atlanta in November. Filming will continue from then til March 2021.

Charles also revealed that they want to cast Kamala as soon as possible because she might appear in another MCU project before that.

WandaVision will be loosely influenced by John Byrne’s comic Vision Quest. For speculation on this, click here:

SCOOP: ‘WANDAVISION’ To Be Loosely Based on John Byrne’s Vision Quest


The Illuminerdi reported that Marvel Studios is in the beginning stages for an Illuminati project based off the Illuminati team in the comics. Based off a cast listing, Kevin Feige will produce, and it’s  titled Marvel’s Illuminati.

For more info, click here:

Kevin Feige Developing Marvel’s Illuminati Based On Comic Run: Exclusive

During an interview with BBC, Taika Waititi revealed that he has finished a draft of the
Thor: Love and Thunder script. Adding, “I’m just, actually this week, doing another pass on it. It is so insane and it’s also very romantic. I’m into romances now.”

MCU Direct reported that Falcon and the Winter Soldier merchandise reveals a new suit upgrade for Sam:

Comic Con at Home revealed a first look at Hulu and Marvel’s Helstrom:

Comic Con at Home released several New Mutants items including the first 2 minutes of the movie and posters:

A new still has also been released:


Non-Marvel related news


The Hollywood Reporter reported that Ryan Reynold’s new time traveling movie has moved from Paramount to Netflix.

In the movie, he travels back in time to get help from his 13 year old self. The two encounter their late father.

This sounds interesting, and I can’t wait to see it!





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