‘WandaVision’ Details

Get ready for an extremely short News Update!

Marvel News


In an interview with variety on the Endgame red carpet, Elizabeth Olsen revealed a few WandaVision Disney+ details:

1. The show will have a 1950’s sitcom vibe. (Which as a fan of classic sitcoms, I’m all here for!)

2. It will have a six hour long first season. (You mean there’s a possibility of more?)

3. They’ll start filming in the fall.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Kevin Feige said that they will release a behind the scenes video of Stan Lee’s cameos including a never before seen cameo from Avengers.

Entertainment Weekly has released a new still from Spider-Man: Far From Home:


Non-Marvel related Projects


A trailer for Men In Black: International has been released:


A trailer and poster for Chadwick Boseman’s new movie has been released:





That’s all for this week. Type at ya later!


Over and Out,

Captain Stark


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