First Far From Home Trailer Isn’t Far Away

I know it’s only been a couple of days, but several announcements and rumors have popped up since I posted on Friday. If this keeps happening, you can expect several news updates throughout the week.

It’s been a long wait for the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. It was originally rumored to be released this past December, but the date kept getting pushed back. SuperBroMovies has stayed on top of news for the trailers release and say that the first trailer is expected to be released on Tuesday. Hopefully….Finally.

There’s a RUMOR going around right now about the possibility of the Black Widow movie being the first R-rated MCU movie. This was first brought up by The Hashtag Show’s Charles Murphy. Apparently early in Black Widow’s development, Marvel talked about making it R-rated. While this is a possibility, it’s currently just a rumor.

If I remember correctly, both Venom and Bumblebee were rumored to both be R-rated. But both movies ended up being rated PG-13. So just because this rumor is going around doesn’t mean it will end up being true. It’s something interesting to think about though. Would you be interested in seeing an R-rated movie in the MCU? I honestly hope they stick with their PG-13 rating so that more people, particularly younger children, can go see it. I don’t think parents would be happy/impressed with a higher rating, and I don’t think it’s fair to kids to not be able to see their favorite heroes in movies, especially when they’ve seen these heroes in all the movies that came before.

Discussing Film has announced several tidbits of information regarding several Marvel shows for the Disney Plus streaming service:

1. A Lady Sif show is in early development. It’ll be produced by Kevin Feige and Jamie Alexander would return to star as Lady Sif. There’s currently no news on where the show would be set in the MCU timeline

2. Both Vision And The Scarlet Witch and the Loki series are currently expected to start filming this year.

3. All of the Disney Plus Marvel shows are reported to have $100 million production budgets.

That should be all until it’s not. 😂

Type at ya later!

Over and Out,

Captain Stark




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